1 Aug

Pinay Xanderettes reporting from Xanderland!

We’re so proud to say that all of the 4 projects we planned were successfully carried out!!

Last July 26, 2013, around 12pm, PROJECT A happened.

Alexander’s birthday bash was held at Aristocrat, Makati City. Xander and his staff ordered Ginataang Tilapia, Sinigang Na Baboy, CPA (Chicken Pork Adobo), Bulalo, Kare-kare, mango shake, and halo-halo! After Xander finished his lunch and after his special halo-halo arrived, his (first) birthday cake was served to him.


This video was shown at the fanparty:

Alexander really enjoyed eating the halo-halo! Saying, ‘I waited 3 years for this!’ He also tweeted about it:

photo (2)

Alexander thanked everyone for the wonderful meal, saying he really appreciates the efforts of fans who contributed just so we could sponsor a meal for him. Before he left Aristocrat, we were able to give him 2 paper roses made by one of our friends, Christer.




Alexander’s reaction when he smelled the flowers. lol.

During the Fanparty, July 27,2013. PROJECTS B, C, and D were carried out.

Project D: Pass the cupcake train project was shown at the fanparty. Yes, Alexander and the audience watched it and he made a few comments!

Here’s our fancam of it at the fan party: ()

And here’s the link of the Cupcake Passing Project if you haven’t watched it yet: ()

After receiving the cake, Xander gave his thank you message, and PROJECT C: Top Secret Surprise/Flip boards was accomplished.


In the picture above, you can see us doing the MAHAL KITA XANDER flipboards and you can see the scraps from the 104 heart cut-outs given away during the fan party.


The message is, “ALEXANDER, MAHAL KITA.” But because of poor lighting, we didn’t get a good shot of the flip board message. But nonetheless, Alexander saw it and was touched by the short sweet message. 😉

Thankfully, a fan was able to take a video of Xander’s response after seeing the flipboards and hearts! here’s the video.   (video cr: teukche08 @ youtube)

After the fanparty, both the Heart Collage (Project B) and the PINAY XANDERETTE shirt were given to Xander after the party.


Image– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

We had given out copies of fanchants before the fanparty started so that the fans could sing with Xander during Oh Baby and Kimchi Song.

Thank you, Xanderettes.Net for the fanchants!


Since we had extra funds from PROJECT A, we were able to print a tarpaulin, give away 2 gen ad tickets, and co-sponsor the cake given to him at the fanparty.


Our Gen Ad tickets winner, Jes (@MyBaekChen) stayed late with us until 1:00am and RT-ed our tweet countless of times just so she could win the ticket. She desreved to see Alexander at the fan party. Yey!


(photo cr: @ukissmeph)


“UBE with ALE” means, ‘Ultimate Bonding Experience with Alexander Lee Eusebio’. the fan party was definitely an UBE experience! Yes? Yes! 😉



First of all, we would like to thank all the Xanderettes around the globe who helped and supported us all the way. To our donors (you know who you are!), Who were very generous to donate for our projects, thank you for trusting us even though it was our first time organizing such big projects. (We will randomly choose 2 winners of signed photos courtesy of from all who donated for ‘Food for the King’ project.)

To those who participated in our projects, rejoice because Xander watched the video and received the collage! To the girls in the center second row, thank you for raising the flip boards properly! To the people who held the heart cut-outs, thank you!

We’d like to thank these amazing people..

Ms. Gigi of FanGirlAsia, thank you very much for letting us do these projects for Alexander and for bringing him here in Manila!

Xanderettes.Net, most especially LiQing, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your advises, suggestions, inspirational messages, help, support, trust, etc. We’re glad you liked the gift. (should be gifts but, you know what happened. ;D)

Ate Charity, thank you for helping us and for being so generous!

Stef, thank you for being so nice to us and for taking good care of Alexander!

Uncle A and Aunt Chungmi, thank you for raising your kids, Vica and Xander, very well and for sharing Alexander to us. ❤

Alexander, thank you for uniting us and giving us the opportunity to meet new friends in Xanderland. It’s so nice to work with your Xanderettes especially when it’s for you. Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration! We hope that you will come back here in the Philippines soon. You are very welcome here! Have an awesome birthday! Mahal ka namin!

Though Alexander’s back in Korea, let’s all continue to support him in whatever project he’ll be venturing in the future. And support 3 Peas In A Pod movie! 🙂

Good job, everybody! Cheers!

-Lelay, Ice, Abby & Macq of Pinay Xanderttes ♔


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