[UPDATE] Love “Each Other” Typhoon Relief Project Batch 1/Batch 2

16 Nov

Together with Xanderettes.net, we were able to raise SGD 533.32 (PHP 18,720.59)!!! We would like to thank all the people who donated for our Love “Each Other” Typhoon Relief for the Philippines Project. The goods which will be bought from this money will really mean a lot especially to the typhoon victims!

As mentioned in our previous post, the monetary donations will be used to buy goods such as bottled water, biscuits, medicine, alcohol, etc. then these will be donated at #KNation4 tomorrow. However, the monetary donations have not arrived yet because of the lengthy processing time of Paypal. Until now, it is still ‘processing’ because according to Paypal, it usually takes 2-4 business days to transfer completely and the deadline was just yesterday. Due to this, we decided to have Batch 1 and Batch 2 of donations. Basically,  we’ll just split the donations into two batches.

Batch 1 of donations WILL STILL BE GIVEN tomorrow at KNation4. Once Paypal has completely transferred the funds (we expect it to be within this week), we will immediately use the remaining money to buy goods and hand Batch 2 of donations over to Philippine Red Cross.

Have a good night everyone and God bless!

See you all tomorrow! Mr. Gwapo is coming to town!


PS: To the people who are willing to help us carry the donations from SM Hypermarket to the Donation Booth, we might text you tomorrow. 🙂


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